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#1 Tree Cutting Service in the Bronx

We believe that a fast, efficient, and friendly service should come as standard and not at a higher price. With this in mind, we keep our standards high and our prices low, ensuring all our clients have access to tree services at a very affordable price.

Here at Bronx Tree Company, we believe local is better for this job. Why?
Because we know our neighborhood inside and out. Our in-depth knowledge of the narrow streets, traffic systems, quirky buildings, and local businesses means we can run our business efficiently, attend jobs quickly, and keep our focus on customer satisfaction.

Local knowledge means:

#1 Tree Removal Services in the Bronx

Here at Bronx Tree Company, we love trees. If we never had to cut another tree down, as bad as it would be for business, we’d be very happy! Trees bring health, vitality, and fresh air to our urban environment.

However, it’s a necessary part of our business. Tree Removal is a big job and not for the faint-hearted. It’s a task that needs to be assessed, planned, and performed correctly to avoid any damage or injury to property or people.

Needless to say, trees are big, heavy, and unpredictable. Don’t try and tackle one by yourself. You might end up with an uncooperative tree and a hole in the side of your roof! Or worse still, you might end up injuring yourself or somebody else.

Trusted Tree Removal Services

Your reason for removing your tree is none of our business. However, the majority of the time we like to think it’s because it’s unavoidable. Weak or dying trees, infestation, rot, and structural damage are just a few factors that might make you consider removing a beautiful structure from your garden.

for Tree Removal:

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done quickly, professionally, and completely. We include all cleanup and debris removal as standard in our estimates so no hidden costs and no extra hassle for you


Storm Clean-Up

If you’re a local in the Bronx like us, you’ll be no stranger to some extreme weather and the occasional storm throughout the year. Strong, healthy trees can generally stand up to this weather and, more often than not, are pretty resistant to being battered by the elements.

However, after any storm, there will inevitably be some kind of clean-up required, or you may have a weak tree with underlying structural problems that has fallen victim to storm damage. We offer storm clean-up as part of our services. With our efficient and friendly approach, we’ll have your property back to normal and looking awesome again in no time.

While you might be tempted to do the clean-up yourself after a storm, it’s worth considering the  numerous potential hazards that you’re exposed to. Fallen utility lines, broken tree limbs, water underfoot, uneven ground, and further breakage of tree limbs could leave you at risk of serious injury and further damage to your property.

Emergency Services >
Open 24 Hours

Because emergencies don’t just work 9 to 5, neither do we. We consider our clients to be our neighbors, and we’re here for you around the clock when you need us. We understand that storm damage can be very distressing for you and the community. It’s an unpredictable time and the question of “what to do next” can cause a lot of anxiety. Particularly in a time sensitive situation, such as after a storm, where immediate action is very often necessary to prevent any further damage or possibility of injury.